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About Our Shop

January 2014 was an incredibly bitterly cold month. A few months earlier, a fence line didn’t hold at a friend’s farm and three doe goats were bred at the wrong time of year. Unfortunately the first doe lost her kids after they were born but her milk came in all the same. I had never milked a goat in my life, and Sophie had never been milked but we worked things out. She was more comfortable and I was hoarding milk in bottles in the freezer just in case we might need it for bottle babies still to come. Luckily enough, the other kids were healthy, the does had plenty of milk and there wasn’t a need for my stash. Now what to do with a freezer full of bottled goat milk?

Just for kicks, I started researching the properties of goat milk. It is widely known that it is easier to digest than cow’s milk but what I was completely unaware of was the benefits in skin care. I was simply amazed with what I was learning about the cosmetic industry and the damage we were doing to ourselves with the chemical products we were using on a daily basis. As I shared my newfound knowledge with a friend, she mentioned that she just happened to have some soap making supplies in a storage shed from a time long ago when she considered making her own soap. How convenient!

After much more research, we made our first experimental batch and fell in love with our product. We started sharing, experimenting more and quickly realized that everyone needed to be using it! My oldest daughter has had a chronic skin condition since she was very young. We had seen dermatologists and spent incredible amounts of money on medications only to have the problem return. After using only our goat milk soap in the shower, her condition improved immensely. It has never disappeared completely but the constant source of irritation is gone for the most part. Over the course of the last seven years, I have heard from countless other people how much their skin has improved with the use of our products.

Essential oils are gaining in popularity for their benefits to the body and mind. Pure, high quality essential oils will be found in the majority of our soaps. Each essential oil is known for its own unique benefits but there are limited scents. As our line has grown, we are now expanding into fragrance oils as well.

That freezer full of goat milk is long gone but we have the pleasure of working with small family farms to get the supply that we need. Local, raw goat milk is the primary ingredient in each and every bar.